Sensors, standards and analysis techniques for road transport vibration: A systematic review

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Emmanuel Kefas Bwade
Bashir Aliyu
Yakubu Ibrahim Tashiwa


This comprehensive review paper analyzes 20 published articles focused on the instrumentation and analysis of road transport vibrations. The study encompasses the distribution of articles based on databases, journals, and publication years, revealing trends in research sources. The examination of sensors and standards emphasizes the critical role of vibration sensor selection and the application of standards, with a focus on accelerometer designs and the prevalence of ASTM D4169-16. The paper delves into various analytical methods, highlighting the frequent use of power spectral density (PSD) and the application of these methods in understanding vibration frequencies and their effects on different transportation conditions. The review identifies key areas for future research, emphasizing the need for refined instrumentation methodologies, standardized standards, and exploration of advanced analytical techniques, considering the dynamic nature of real-world vibrations and emerging technologies in the road transport landscape. Additionally, the review suggests future investigations into optimizing packaging designs and developing innovative materials with vibration-damping properties to enhance the safety and efficiency of road transportation systems.


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Bwade, E. K., Aliyu, B., & Tashiwa, Y. I. (2024). Sensors, standards and analysis techniques for road transport vibration: A systematic review. Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal, 4(4), 8–24.


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