Study on the effect of internal marketing on service quality: Systematic Literature Review

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Ibrahim Sameer


The purpose of this paper is to synthesize the fragmented literature on effect of internal marketing on service quality, thereby broadening the literature breath and making gap identification comprehensive. Additionally, the paper also provides more insight of the concept of internal marketing, identifying aspects of it which has the most significant impact on service quality. The methodology of the research is based on systematic literature review which enabled to collect the relevant data pool to the research through PRISMA approach using existing literature. Main findings of the data revealed that internal marketing possesses a positive impact by 76% on service quality, where most significant factor contributing a positive impact being motivation and reward system. Furthermore, the marketing mix elements of internal marketing is also shown to enhance the quality of service. The research results also identified limitations revealing the gaps in the existing literature in terms of the topic. These gaps are recommended areas which can be further explored to enrich the academia. Moreover, the practical implications of the paper can benefit the world of business to embrace the concept of internal marketing to enhance the competitive edge through employees, a major asset of organizations.

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Ibrahim Sameer. (2021). Study on the effect of internal marketing on service quality: Systematic Literature Review. Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal, 1(2), 68–88.


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