Bibliometric analysis of fisheries publications in Uganda

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Alice Endra
Joachim Bibuli


The paper gives a background of bibliometrics and how important they are in citation analysis. The methodological tool used for the analysis was Google Scholar which was used to collect citations. A total of 20 issues of the African journal of tropical hydrobiology and fisheries (from 1995 to 2018) were examined for the study. The details regarding each published article such as title of the article, number of authors were recorded and analyzed for making observations. The list of articles published in refereed journals by NaFIRRI scientists from the period 2019 July to June 2021 was further analysed to establish highly cited papers, publication count and prominent topics in fisheries research. The paper ends with conclusions and recommendation where observations have been made that most authors are engaged in collaborative projects leading to joint publications than single authorship.


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Endra, A., & Bibuli , J. (2024). Bibliometric analysis of fisheries publications in Uganda. Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal, 4(4), 1–7.


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