Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal <p>The Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal is a multidisciplinary journal focused on the research articles, reviews and empirical research that has used Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis (SLR-M) methods in their research. The journal aimed to facilitate the research in all fields of life until the SLR-M methods have been applied. </p> The Association of Professional Researchers & Academicians (TheAPRA) en-US Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal 2753-913X Study on the effect of internal marketing on service quality: Systematic Literature Review <p>The purpose of this paper is to synthesize the fragmented literature on effect of internal marketing on service quality, thereby broadening the literature breath and making gap identification comprehensive. Additionally, the paper also provides more insight of the concept of internal marketing, identifying aspects of it which has the most significant impact on service quality. The methodology of the research is based on systematic literature review which enabled to collect the relevant data pool to the research through PRISMA approach using existing literature. Main findings of the data revealed that internal marketing possesses a positive impact by 76% on service quality, where most significant factor contributing a positive impact being motivation and reward system. Furthermore, the marketing mix elements of internal marketing is also shown to enhance the quality of service. The research results also identified limitations revealing the gaps in the existing literature in terms of the topic. These gaps are recommended areas which can be further explored to enrich the academia. Moreover, the practical implications of the paper can benefit the world of business to embrace the concept of internal marketing to enhance the competitive edge through employees, a major asset of organizations.</p> Ibrahim Sameer Copyright (c) 2021 Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal 2021-03-25 2021-03-25 1 2 68 88 A systematic review of investment opportunity set and dividend policy <p>There are numerous factors that affects corporate dividend policy and investment opportunity set is among one of the significant factors. Investor are interested to make investments in those firms, which provide benefit and prosperity to shareholders and investors. As investors expect return on investment in the form of dividends. The present study aimed to overview the overall literature published on the relationship of investment opportunity set and dividend policy. For this purpose, articles are selected from the literature published on Scopus and Google Scholar databases. The research methodology adopted the stepwise screening procedure of the PRISMA guidelines and final 28 studies are included for the systematic literature review. After critically analyzing the selected studies, the findings suggests that investment opportunity set is a factor that significantly effect dividend policy. Moreover, the result demonstrates that the interest in the topic of investment opportunity set and its influence on dividend policy is growing. Furthermore, the trend of researchers and academicians to publish their research work is more towards journals-based articles rather than conference articles.</p> Hamad Raza Syed Muhammad Ahmad Hassan Gillani Muhammad Ishfaq Saif ul Nazir Copyright (c) 2021 Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal 2021-03-25 2021-03-25 1 2 89 98 Ecotourism is the future of alternative tourism for environmental sustainability and natural areas protection <p>The environmental changes make more concern to people and organizations toward the sustainability of the environment. The contribution of the study is to review the literature of the last five years from 2014 to 2018 on the Scopus database to find the researchers were focused on which dimensions of ecotourism. The PRISMA statement templet is used to explain the overall process of selection and rejections of Article for the review of Ecotourism. The final 47 articles for the review are selected to analyze the literature to find the gap and direction of ecotourism. The literature is classified according to the variables used in past research and categorized all the variables are further distributed into the three main sections in which the author, variables and core findings are discussed in detail. The literature demonstrates that ecotourism leads to tourism and facilitates an environment to achieve sustainability and economic growth. Most literature is concerning sustainability and the economic growth of the tourism sector. point is the expansion of the sector creates many threats towards the environment and preservation of the natural environment. Future research for researchers makes more directions from this study. ecotourism can be achieved by using digital mediums and social media forums.</p> Nohman Khan Nguyen Thuy Van Amina Imran Hamad Raza Huma Sikandar Copyright (c) 2021 Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal 2021-03-25 2021-03-25 1 2 99 116 The evolution of social innovation and its global research trends: A bibliometric analysis <p class="RiAbstractText"><span lang="EN-GB">The field of social innovation (SI) has received a growing interest from academia and policymakers from the past two decades. This research aims to identify research trends in the field of social innovation. For this purpose, we have carried out a bibliometric analysis on data from the previous 54 years, i.e. 1966-2019 from the Scopus database. This analysis is based on a bibliometric analysis of all published 'articles' in the SCOPUS database. The phrase "Social Innovation" was searched in title or abstract to search for the relevant articles. This research is carried out to investigate parameters such as publications in line with the years, subject areas, top journals, top authors and countries contributing to the SI field, collaborations and co-occurrence of keywords. Finding demonstrated that Frances R. Westley (University of waterloo) is the most prolific author in the SI field. Additionally, through an analysis of the top journals, we identified that 'Sustainability' is the top journal and that field is multidisciplinary. We have noticed a significant increase in the published articles in social innovation domain since 2016. This leads us to the conclusion that the topic has gained relevance among the academicians in recent years. The number of publications are expected to increase following this publication trend. We used VoS Viewer visual bibliometric analyser to identify the co-occurrence of keywords and co-authorship of countries. We found that Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprises, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and governance are the focus areas of social innovation research. Some variables with infrequent occurrences, limitations and future recommendations are also discussed.</span></p> Huma Sikandar Umar Haiyat Abdul Kohar Sidra Salam Copyright (c) 2021 Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis Journal 2021-03-25 2021-03-25 1 2 117 133